The Ultimate Punching Bag Workout Guide

punching bag workoutAlright, so I have no clue where you are in your punching bag training, so we are going to start out from the beginning – the basics.  I assume you already own a bag, but if not, check out this guide for information on how to select the right size punching bag. You should also have a pair of bag gloves – don’t be a fool and try and ‘tough guy it out’ by not wearing gloves. You will only take away from your training time.

OK- Let’s get started.

Before we even begin hitting the punching bag, you need to learn the proper boxing stance.

A strong boxing stance is extremely important. There is also a kicking stance, but I won’t address that just yet. You MUST figure out your boxing stance. This is not optional.  Without it, you won’t be able to move or attack efficiently. You will also expose yourself to certain attacks if you don’t stand correctly.

It’s tough to tell you how to do a boxing stance over text, so watch this quick tutorial:

[Small note about the back leg of the boxing stance. Instead of staying flat footed on your back leg, you can also place it so that only the ball of the foot is touching the ground with your heel slightly raised off the ground. This will give you a better springing motion when trying to move forward.]
While you are practicing your boxing stance, you should also practice walking around the punching bag without breaking your boxing stance. You must make sure your feet next cross while you are stepping around the bag. If your legs cross, you because very off balance and won’t be able to move properly.

Next, let’s work on the basic one-two punching combination.

This is a very simple, yet one of the most useful punching combinations, so you better master this punching combo from the start. This technique is what I consider your fall-back move. In a fight, you lose your ability to think about what technique you are going to do, so what happens is that the most simple movements are usually the ones you end up using. Simple, and can cause a lot of damage.

Watch this video tutorial on how to do this.

[The only thing I disagree with on this video is that the timing on the 2nd punching is a bit slow. Ideally you want that second punch to be there right after your jab lands.]

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