Punching Bag Techniques – Safety

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With punching bags becoming more and more prominent in workout routines, I feel it important to talk about some key techniques to keep your body from harm.


  1. Wrap your hands!

Wrapping your hands before working your punching bag can save you a lot of unnecessary pain and many a bruised knuckle. I suggest a 180” wrap. I don’t have to tell you that hurting your hands or wrists will have a huge negative impact both mentally and physically.


These are some of my favorite wraps and you should give them a try!


  1. Keep your hands in position.

Many people get complacent when working out. After striking their punching bag they either do not return to the proper stance and footing or they rest their hands on their chest. If you are not in a proper striking form you are putting yourself at risk of pulling a muscle or damaging your wrists. You also hurt the effects of your punching bag routine overall.


  1. Move!

Learn to step in and out of your punches. This will help you with your positioning as well as improve your cardio. This will pull your primary focus from strength to proper punching bag techniques, maximizing what you get from your workout while preventing injuries from incorrect form.

4. Technique.

The punching bag techniques you use on your punching bag separates a good workout from an amazing punching bag routine. These techniques can also keep you from sustaining injuries.


  • Timing your wrist.

You want to make sure your closing fist as you contact your punching bag. Even without putting much strength into in to a punch you can still injure yourself. All it takes is for your wrist to bend slightly to send you to a world of pain. So remember before setting your punching bag on fire: Timing.


After every set of punches or combo you unleash on your punching bag you should reset yourself. Getting in to and maintaining a solid form not only keeps you safe but also increases your effectiveness with your punching bag.


  • Breathe!

Most people exhale on their powerful punches. However, myself and a lot of trainers will tell you to exhale sharply with each strike. Keep your mouth relaxed so it’s easier to get airflow in and out. It’s essential for endurance to keep positive breathing habbits.


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