Punching Bag Techniques – How To Achieve The Perfect Jab

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Punching Bag Dojo Lesson – The Perfect Jab.

Achieving the perfect jab relies on the basics.

The jab is the most powerful punch in your arsenal and it plays a major role for both fighters and those that use a punching bag in their routines.

The usefulness of this technique  doesn’t just stop at punching. Its great for pushing or zoning your opponent

(Punching Bag) and even makes for a good distraction that can be used to open up your opponents defenses. A well timed jab can even stop a flurry of blows from an opponent.


Proper jab techniques add to a normal punching bag routine immensely. It will primarily help with cardio, breathing techniques, and your focusing on the punching bag.


Why The Jab?

Don’t let the amount of energy required to throw a jab fool you. It is the most effective punch you can throw. The reach and the speed of the jab is hard for opponents to counter. It leaves you in a great follow up position while not making you vulnerable to a counter strike.

When training on a punching bag, the jab can become accurate from many different positions and angles.

I cannot stress the importance of repetition on a punching bag enough. Even though the punching bag is stationary it allows you to experiment with your punches in all sorts of ways. Pushing your punching bag before jabbing adds a sway allowing you to practice different footwork techniques as well as positioning. This adds exponentially to any work out or training session.

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In this guide I’m going to teach you the basics for the perfect jab. Repetition of these techniques will allow you to develop and grow closer to throwing the perfect jab every time. Before trying this out in real time I highly suggest first getting the technique down on a punching bag to the point that throwing a jab becomes natural.

1. Get In Your Boxing Stance

Before you can start landing proper jabs on your punching bag you must first get into the correct stance. I’m sure you’ve heard an instructor in a gym or a YouTube video go through this list: Hands up, elbows in, hips between your feet, keep your knees slightly bent, and keep your back heel lifted slightly.  Your front foot should be at a slight angle pointed towards your body bag and keep your back foot at a 45 degree horizontal angle.

You want to make sure your stance is proper and comfortable for you. I cannot tell you how important being relaxed and comfortable in the position is.

2. Extending Your Glove

Extend your front glove while exhaling a sharp breath.

When doing this the only part of your body that should be moving is your front arm. Your weight should be centered while your other arm is on guard.

The speed of your jabs comes from your extension. You have to be relaxed, fast, and calculated. If you tighten your wrist to soon you will lose speed and overall power.

Don’t try and hit your punching bag with the top of your hands. You always want to lead your punches with your knuckles. If you feel like your jabs lack power focus more on your arm rotation and tightening your fist at the proper time.

3. Rotating Your Arm

While your glove is extending towards the punching bag you want to rotate your arm so that your jabs land with your palm facing down and your shoulder rotated up to protect your chin.

You want to rotate your entire arm: shoulder, elbow, and wrist.

Rotating your shoulder allows the rest of your arm to rotate. While rotating try to lift your front shoulder. This will give you further reach and help you keep your guard. This is a challenge for most new trainers.

You want to ensure your elbow goes straight into the jab in order to get as much power and speed without telegraphing your intent.

Rotate your wrist for power and snap. This will become a natural feeling as you practice on your punching bag.

You want to tighten your wrist as you make contact with your punching bag. Doing this causes your body to contract for a second on impact. If you tighten too early your speed and power will suffer.

4. Now Work That Punching Bag

Keep in mind the techniques I listed here happen simultaneously. I find it important when using a punching bag it’s not necessarily about your strength  but about your technique and form.

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