Punching Bag Routine – Basics

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Which is the best Punching Bag Workout?


If you want to have a great physique, then you should consider checking out the Punching Bag workouts. These are a lot better than regular treadmills if you want to become a martial arts fighter or kickboxer.

But why is that? The primary benefit offered by Punching Bag workouts is that they allow you to train your entire body. This workout also places a lot of pressure on your muscles, which is something that you do want to have all the time!

How does the Punching Bag workout work?

You need to acquire a Punching Bag and set it up correctly. You can also use this at home, or you can go to the local gym and enjoy such a workout there. Once everything is ready, you will need to hit the bag with your feet and hands.

The idea here is to vary your workouts as much as you can here. When you hit the punching bag, you will get to increase your stamina and boost your power. This also makes it easy for you to increase your metabolic rate too, something that is imperative always. Upon hitting the punching bag, you will be able to active as much muscle as possible. As a result, you get to burn calories and build up your muscle mass.


Obviously, hitting a Punching Bag repeatedly can bring in security issues. Therefore you must perform these exercises pretty much like a circuit. Make sure that you rest and take your time. They will be quite fun to do, and usually the result can be quite impressive. Around 30 seconds of rest between reps will help you a lot. You will also have to purchase things like a hand wrap or bag gloves. These will help you stay away from injuries.

What workouts should you do?

It all depends on what you want to focus on. A good workout would be the low-kick right leg that requires you to kick the lower half of the bag. You will simulate a leg attack this way. This is a workout that will require 5 reps, after that you can take a short break.

You can opt for different variations on this workout, with the same amount of reps. You have the high kick right leg, the low kick left leg, and the high kick left leg. You must do these if you want to build up your muscle mass.

Some of the other great Punching Bag workouts include punches. 20 straight punches on the bag will be magnificent. You may want to try out the right hook which is punching the bag on the right side or the left hook as well.

The knee strike is also nice, since you drive your knees into the Punching Bag. It’s a nice workout, and it does bring in front quite a bit of fun. Certainly, worth a shot, so just check it out!

All these workouts are incredible and worth your time. All you must do is to give them a shot, and you will be able to boost the muscle mass of your feet and legs. Variation is key, so mix and match workouts like this for the best results!

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