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By admin May 3, 2017 Punching Bag Reviews

Outslayer Filled Punching Bag for Boxing and MMA

Boxing is the game that calls for a lot of practice to get the best results in a contest. A punching bag is an essential element in boxing training. It is filled with different materials that vary in hardness. The trainee suspends it on a pole so as to practice different punching techniques on the bag. The Outslayer punching bag is long lasting and comes with ten years guarantee from its manufacturer in the USA.


  1. It is made in the United States of America by Outslayer Company.
  2. The 80 lb. bag comes with a ten-year warranty.
  3. The filled bag measures forty-four inches that can be increased by an addition seven inches when it is tied to the straps. The filling is consistent throughout the bag such that a punch in any part is equal to the other.
  4. The punching bag cover is made of vinyl.
  5. The bag is filled densely with synthetic materials that are cut and not shredded.
  6. It is designed professionally with four straps that are not easy to tear.

How to Use It

The 80 pounds punching bag is fit for both professional and gym use. One can use it also for personal training.

The bag works really well once fit is suspended in the air. The D- ring has to be put in place for it to be stable.

Additionally, the straps should be firmly tightened to suspend the bag as may be needed. Any punch in the bag remains the same throughout since the bag is evenly hard. There is no instance of flipping the punching bag to make the weight evenly distributed.

Put on gloves to enhance a firm grip during punching techniques.

How it Works

The punching bag review entails that I do write how it really functions. To begin with, I ensure the stability of the bag. I purchased D-rings that make the bag to remain static throughout the training session.

The straps are properly straightened increasing the inches of the whole punching bag. It is important to have a large working surface.

The fillings are evenly distributed; no matter where I direct my punch, they are equally distributed.


  1. Many trainers have got the reputation of using the Outslayer punching bag. The praises mean that the Outslayer punching bag is the best bag for purchase.
  2. The bag’s purchase brings about a ten-year warranty. In case something happens to the bag, you can simply take the picture and email the manufacturer for an adjustment and maybe replacement. Other brands do not offer such a warranty.
  3. The punching bag is manufactured in the USA. It is certain that its quality is the best.
  4. The punching bags are constructed using a vinyl heavy material that makes them durable. The four straps for suspending and the D rings make the bags static during boxing exercise.
  5. The fillings are evenly distributed in the bag. Different punching techniques can be tried on the bag. One does not need to flip the bag to make it compact after several kicks.
  6. It is cheaper to purchase punching bag compared to a standing bag. Both of them serve the same purpose.
  7. An Outslayer punch bag enables the trainee to learn to hit from all sides including the back. It helps in building power on the different muscles of the trainee.
  8. It builds up self-defense skills. The punching technique entails that the bag does not move. One gets to develop self-defense skills that help in the actual boxing competition.


In order to efficiently use a punching bag, you need a ceiling or a place where you can easily suspend your bag.

The punching bag purchase does not include any chain; there is an additional expense of purchasing one.

You might need to additional purchase a swivel mount for its placement.

Any serious trainer needs to purchase some gloves to prevent your hands from being damaged.

It is comparably shorter to another boxing bag.

Final Verdict

This punching bag review brings forth all aspects of the punching bag. It is important to check on people’s remarks on any punching bag for sale. Outslayer has a reputation of being the best bag manufacturing company in terms of structure and durability. The ten years warranty is a proof of confidence in their product. Few brands would dare give such a lengthy warranty. Out of personal experience and punching bag techniques development; I vouch for Outslayer eighty pounds punching bag. It is reliable, provides necessary resistant during boxing and can easily enhance one’s technique in the boxing world.


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